Spr/Sap Francis Perrier

    Spr Francis Perrier joined the Armed Forces on the 3rd of February 2005 in RouynNoranda Québec. He completed his basic training in St-Jean and was posted to CFB Borden pour 9 months awaiting the QL3. During that time frame he participated in exercise Maple Flag in Cold Lake for 2 months. He completed his QL3 in December 06 and was transferred to Bagotville. He received his first hook in Aug 07. He then went back in Borden to complete his QL5 and Hazmat Technician Course in Dec 07. He also participated in Ex Silver Flag in Florida in Jan 08. It’s with great regret that Francis decided to leave our family to move on to the civilian world on Aug 15th to go back to school and learn to be a Sprinkler System Installation Technician.