Spr Raymond Amon Breau- 2nd Fd Coy

Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey, England

Sapper Raymond Amon Breau was born in Nequac, NB in 1920, the son of Amon and Delia. A farmer, he enlisted in the Army in Fredericton, NB on 16 June 1941 and was assigned to the Royal Canadian Engineers. On 24 June he was sent to the Engineer Training Centre in Camp Petawawa, ON. During his training there he qualified as a Carpenters Helper.

Sapper Breau embarked at Halifax for England on 7 Oct 1941. Arriving in England on 18 October, he was initially assigned to the Engineer Holding Unit. He joined 2nd Field Company on 9 January 1942 while the company was employed on camp construction at Aldershot in the County of Sussex. The company moved to Coolham in May and Raymond continued his training in south-east England. They had settled down to a period of more construction and training but shortly thereafter they started an extensive training and exercise program to prepare for the Dieppe Raid

On the Dieppe Raid Sapper Breau and his 2nd Field Company mate Sapper Russell were tasked to assist the two bulldozer operators. They travelled with their dozers in LCTs 159 and 163 as their work on the beach was to handle the winch cable to remove damaged tanks from the Tank Landing Craft. The bulldozers and crew presented prime targets to the Germans and they had little protection. The operators and the sapper crew quickly became casualties. Sapper Breau was Killed in Action. He is commemorated on the memorial panels at the Brookwood Military Cemetery in Surrey, United Kingdom.

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Spr Raymond Amon Breau

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