Spr Harold V Chisamore

    • Spr Harold V Chisamore
    • RCE Badge circa 1939-45
    •  Chisamore  Gravestone

    We regret to advise of the death of Sapper Harold V. Chisamore on 14 August 2009.

    Harold was born in Port Arthur, ON, in 1923. When he enlisted In 1941 he wanted to build Canadian hospitals and camps in England. After his Sapper Training he was sent overseas and joined 1st Canadian Construction Company. Harold worked on the construction of camps and hospitals for the increasing number of Canadan troops in England and also worked on construction of the Canadian Army prison at Headley Downs. In 1942 he and his two partners designed and built the first concrete Nissan hut.

    In 1944 Harold was transferred to the Canadian Engineering Training Depot at Cove, England, where he learned to build Bailey Bridges and roads in preparation for the Invasion of Europe. He then joined a Field Engineering Company in Belgium and built roads from Holland into Germany and worked on the Floating Bailey Bridge near Cleve. At war's end and back in England he demolished air raid shelters in Aldershot while waiting repatriation to Canada.

    Harold was discharged in November 1945 and was subsequently a Legion member for 62 years.