Showcasing Culture Diversity with Community Engagement

Community Engagement – The ETA President, Wilma Ho with volunteers welcoming the performers from Taiwan. Photo Supplied
Photo 3 – Community Engagement – The ETA Vice-President, Cherry Peng introduced the performers during their performance. Photo by Capt Kyle Ho
Photo 5 – Community Engagement – The members of the Formosa Circus Arts performing the traditional Taiwanese dance during the “Song of the Land.” Photo by Jason Mak
Photo 6 – Community Engagement – The members of the Formosa Circus Arts performing the acrobalance techniques during the “Song of the Land.” Photo by Jason Mak
Photo 7 – Community Engagement – The members of the Formosa Circus Arts Group photo with the audiences after the performance. Photo by Jason Mak
Publication Date 
19 Jun 2024

By: Capt. Kyle Ho, RPOU(W) HQ Operations Officer

In the heart of Edmonton, the spirit of cultural diversity shines brightly, thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of the Edmonton Taiwanese Association (ETA) and its’ volunteers. As Asian Heritage Month unfolded this past May, many non-profit organizations embarked on a journey to showcase the proud traditions of Asian cultures.

Real Property Operations Unit (West), Operations Officer, Captain Kyle Ho is a proud Canadian with Taiwanese Heritage, and has been a member of the ETA since 2009. Captain Ho was amongst many volunteers to advocate for cultural exchanges and community engagement during Asian Heritage Month. Captain Ho met many remarkable individuals who share similar values and goals. ETA president, Wilma Ho, has long been at the forefront of promoting Taiwanese heritage in Edmonton. Through her leadership within the ETA, and with the assistance of many other sponsors, she spearheaded a myriad of initiatives aimed at celebrating diversity which led up to the main event, “Song of the Land” which was performed by Formosa Circus Arts from Taiwan during the 2024 Taiwanese Culture Week.

The performance, “Song of the Land”, speaks of the rich history and culture of Taiwan, through traditional dance and music through breathtakingly choreographed performances that enhance the beauty and richness of Asian culture.  “Song of the Land” brings to life the colours and flavors of Taiwan that exhilarate all the senses. and considers the traditions, customs, and values that define Taiwanese identity. These initiatives propose an empowerment of individuals of all ages to connect with Taiwanese heritage in meaningful ways.

As Asian Heritage Month drew to a close, it was evident that Wilma Ho had an impact on the Edmonton community far and wide. Through her unwavering dedication to showcasing cultural diversity and promoting intercultural understanding, and with the added support from many volunteers like Captain Ho, the success of Asian Heritage Month and Taiwan Culture Week in Edmonton is a testament to the power of community collaboration and cultural exchange.