Sgt W.U.M. Capaldi, CD

    • Sgt W.U.M. Capaldi, CD

    After more than 20 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Sgt William Capaldi will retire on 02 April 2021. To respect current health measures, there will be no Depart with Dignity ceremony at this time. Anecdotes, congratulatory messages, and pictures can be sent to WO R.J. House at

    Sgt William U. M. Capaldi joined the Canadian Forces as a Navy Boatswain on the 26 September 2000 in his beloved home-town of Halifax, N.S. Upon finishing the BMQ at CFLRS St. Jean, QC, a Sea Environmental course, and Boatswain QL3 in CFB Esquimalt, BC, he took his first posting onboard HMCS Charlottetown at CFB Halifax in June of 2001. During his four years onboard HMCS Charlottetown, he was deployed to Afghanistan for OP Apollo following the 9/11 attacks where he received the SWASM Medal. He completed his OJT, QL4, QL5 trades training, sailed for Baltic Operations, fishery patrols, and had the privilege to be selected for a contingent during the 60th anniversary of the Netherlands Liberation ceremony of WW2. Posted to HMCS Montreal in September 2005, he participated in sails to the Caribbean and NORPLOY operations. He was promoted to MS in January 2008. After his promotion, he took a posting to HMCS Preserver where he sailed on another Caribbean operation, completed his PLQ, QL6 Boatswain Supervisor trades training, and qualified as a member of the Naval Boarding Party. During his time as a Boatswain, he assisted the fleet by volunteering to sail on other ships such as HMCS Ville De Quebec, HMCS Athabaskan, and HMCS Halifax for various deployments.

    In July 2011, William re-mustered to the Firefighter trade. Upon completion of his QL3 firefighter trades course in Borden, ON, William was posted back to NS to the 12 Wing Shearwater Fire Department. While in Shearwater, he completed his QL4 and QL5 trades courses, received his first Canadian Forces Decoration, and was awarded a CO’s commendation. William had the opportunity to work on different crews responding to base emergencies as well as gaining experience in the Fire Inspection section. After his promotion to MCpl in January of 2016, he was posted to FA(A) CFB Halifax dockyard in July of 2017. During his return to HMCS ships, he supported operations on HMCS Toronto and HMCS Montreal as the senior firefighter by assisting the firefighter personnel analyst for PCC Atlantic. William also completed the DP3 firefighter supervisory trades training during this posting period. ]

    .In August of 2019, he accepted his final posting to the Ottawa region, employed as a fire inspector for RP Ops Central. While in Ottawa, he was able to increase his experience as a fire inspector and complete a number of trade-related courses. William was promoted to Sgt in December 2020, with more than 20 years of service. Sgt Capaldi has decided to retire from the CAF and settle down with his family in Ottawa, taking a position with Defense Construction Canada as a fire inspector.