Sgt Steve Craft, CD

    • Sgt Steve Craft, CD

    After 20+ years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Canadian Regiment and the Canadian Military Engineers as a Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician, Sgt Craft (Steve) will be retiring on 19 June 2016.

    Sgt Craft joined the CAF in Jan 1990 in St John NB as a Vehicle Technician. He was injured during basic training and released the same year. He rejoined the forces in 1996 as an infantryman and was employed in 2 RCR Gagetown until he remustered to WFE Technician in June of 2004.

    Sgt Craft completed his ql3 infantry battle school in May 1997 in Medford Ontario. Upon arrival to 2 RCR he was employed with Golf Company as a C-9 gunner. Over the next few years, he was employed as a section member for multiple exercises. He also completed driver wheel courses and was top candidate for his machine gunner course. He took part in several domestic operations such as the Swiss Air disaster at Peggy's Cove NS, ice storms in Quebec, and two different sovereignty operations in the arctic. In 1999, he was deployed on op palladium Roto 4 to Bosnia as a section driver and gunner. Upon return he was promoted to Corporal. In 2001 he completed his JLC/JNCO course with 2 RCR and was promoted to MCpl in Feb 2003. During this time, he also completed Cbt Storeman, anti-armour, LAV III gunner and crew commander as well as his advanced combat intelligence courses. In 2004 MCpl Craft decided to remuster under the LOTP program to the construction engineering trades as a WFE Technician. He completed his QL3 WFE course at Akerley College and CFSME in Aug 2005 and was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood CE where he took part in many training exercises in the US and Canada. In Aug 2008, he completed his WFE QL5 course at CFSME. Subsequently he was sent to a Boxtop Resupply Mission to CFS Alert. Promoted to MCpl in Jan 2009, he was posted to CFSME as a WFE instructor. In 2010, he completed his QL 6A course and was promoted to Sgt in 2011. Before leaving CFSME in 2015 he was employed as a WFE instructor and the WFE sect commander. He also completed fuel related training courses in the USA and taskings in Wainwright, Alberta and with 1 ESU in Moncton.

    Prior to being posted to 4esr in May 2015, Sgt Craft completed his QL 6B CE Supt course. Upon arrival to 4esr construction troop he was immediately deployed to Trenton as part of DART for Nepal. Employed as the WFE section commander and troop recce Sgt, he completed recces within Gagetown, and Nain, Labrador in support of Ex NORTHERN SAPPER as well as St John and Sussex in support of Ex NIHILO SAPPER. In Aug 2015, he was deployed to Ukraine as the Troop WO for Construction Troop for the Theatre Activation Team of Op UNIFIER. While at 4 ESR, he has also proudly employed as the acting Construction Troop WO which was his final position in 4 ESR and the CAF.

    Sgt Craft is married to his lovely awesome wife Wendy and has two amazing daughters Megan and Danielle. Steve plans on enjoying his new life by spending more time with family and friends as well as his new job as the tank wash and pol supervisor here at base Gagetown.

    An informal DWD will be held at Minglers Pub14:00 hrs on 9 June 2016. Dress will be dress of the day or civilian attire. Guests are requested to confirm attendance NLT 03 June 16 16:00 hrs to MWO Sloot at or 506-422-2000-ext 7196 CSN 432-7196

    Congratulatory messages, farewell wishes, anecdotes may be sent to the OPI at the e-mail listed above, or Mr. Elroy Rector at CFSME at