Sgt Ronald T. Coombs, CD

     Sgt Coombs joined the CF on 17 May 1987. Pte Coombs completed his basic training at CFB Cornwallis during the fall of 1987 and was subsequently posted to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering at CFB Chilliwack to begin his Regular Forces QL3 in October 1987. After the completion of the QL3, Spr Coombs was posted to 22 FD SQN, Bridging Tp at CFB Gagetown until June 1990.

    In June 1990, Spr Coombs was posted to 4 CER in Lahr, Germany and was assigned to the 1 Tp Renegades. During his tenure in 4 CER, Spr Coombs attended his QL 5A crse at CFB Chilliwack, BC, in Aug of 1990. He was promoted to Cpl in May 1991 and in Feb 1992 left the field troops and was posted to 17 Armoured Engr TP as a driver of 72 E. Cpl Coombs deployed to Croatia in 1992 with CCUNPROFOR Roto 0. Upon his return, he continued with regular garrison duties until he was posted back to CFB Gagetown, 4 ESR in February of 1993. He was then promoted to the rank of MCpl in January of 2000, during his tenure in 4 ESR, MCpl Coombs was a Tpt NCO as well a Tp Sect Comd. He also was attached to LFAATC to assist in the running of the Combat Leaders Courses. MCpl Coombs was posted to CFSME in July 2001 as an instructor within FETS. MCpl Coombs attended his QL6A in September of 2002. He was promoted to his current rank of Sgt in June of 2004, he was at this time posted to Canadian Forces Standards training Group within CFSME, where he remained until his retirement from the Regular Force.

    During his honourable service to Canada, Sgt Coombs attained the SSM, NATO/Peace, UNPROFOR medals, and the CD decoration. He will be retiring from the CF Regular force on 14 Jul 2008.

    Sgt Coombs, along with his wife Brenda, and two sons (Eric and Miguel), will remain in the Lincoln area. Sgt Coombs will continue his services to the CF as a member of the Reserve Force within CFB Gagetown