Sgt Ronald Dix, CD

    1. Sgt Dix will be retiring from the CF on 04 Sep 07 after 22 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the CF and the Engineer Branch;

    2. Ronald joined the CF on the 17 May 1985 as a Cbt Engr and climbed through the ranks to Sgt. He has served proudly in three different trades: 041 Field Engineer, 042 Field Engineer Equipment Operator and finally as a 043 Combat Engineer. He has served at various bases and stations during his career, 2 CER, CFB Petawawa, 4 CER, CFE Lahr, 2 CER, then posted to the Canadian Airborne Regt, and finally back to 2 CER. During his career he spent time abroad in such places as Croatia, 3 Rotos to Bosnia and then to Afghanistan in 2006, Roto 3;

    3. Malwina and Ronald will be staying in the Chalk River area enjoying retirement;

    4. The SNCOs and WOs of 2 CER will be having a small luncheon the 07 or 08 Sep 07, here at CFB Petawawa to say good-bye and wish him and his family all the best in his retirement; and

    5. Please send congratulatory message, anecdotes and memories by message, Fax (613)-588- 6887 or email to MWO Steve Wrathall, (Wrathall MWO SW@2 CER@Petawawa),no later than 31 Aug 07.