Sgt Reinerth“'Moe” Mosby, CD (Ret’d)

    • Sgt Reinerth“'Moe” Mosby, CD (Ret’d)
    • RCE Badge EIIR

    We regret to advise of the death of Sergeant Reinerth“'Moe” Mosby, CD (Ret’d) at the Chilliwack General Hospital, Chilliwack BC, on 19 September 2000 at the age of 81.Moe was born and educated in Bergen Norway where he worked as a painter and decorator until the start of WW II.  He then joined the Norwegian Merchant Navy in 1939 and served with them until January 1942 when his ship was torpedoed by a German U Boat.  He spent 36 hours adrift in a lifeboat in the North Atlantic before being rescued and taken to Halifax NS.He decided to join the Canadian Army Active Force and was posted to the 1st Field Company Royal Canadian Engineers with which he served throughout the remainder of the war in the United Kingdom, Sicily and Italy before joining the advance across Northwest Europe through France to Germany.

     In 1945 he was demobilized and decided to make Canada his home.  In May of 1947, he re-enlisted with the Royal Canadian Engineers and was posted to 23 Field Squadron in Chilliwack.  In 1952 he served with the United Nations in Korea and on his return to Canada was posted to Instructional Cadre with the Militia.  In 1956, he was posted to 4 Field Squadron in Chilliwack from where he did a tour with the United Nations Emergency Force in Egypt as a member of the Canadian Base Unit Middle East.  On completion of that tour, he was posted to the Trades Training Squadron at the Royal Canadian School of Military Engineering as a Mechanical Systems Instructor.

     Moe retired from the Canadian Forces in 1967 at the rank of Sergeant and went to work as a painter with the Base Chilliwack Construction Engineering Section until his retirement in 1984.Moe was an active member of the Retired Sappers Association.

      A memorial service will be held on 22 September. {gdMar2016kh}