Sgt Pierre Boivin, CD

    Pierre was born in the Province of Quebec in Taschereau/Abitibi and joined the military at the age of 24, 4 years after completing his post graduate degree in Forestry in College of Saint-Foy, Quebec in 1982. He joined the Canadian Forces under the YTEP program and was sworn at the CFRC Victoria, BC as a regular force member in May 1987. Pierre was then sent to St-Jean sur Richelieu, for his recruit course. On completion, he was posted to Borden for his Qualification Level 3 as 511 Aero Engine Technician. On completion he was posted to Comox, BC from 1987 until 1992 where he met Donna. Pierre was then posted to CFB Trenton as QL 5 Aero Engine Technician, which he held until his remuster into the Engineering Branch in September 2000. Pierre then started a new career as Geomatics Technician and promoted to the rank of M/Cpl in July 2003. In February 2004, Pierre was then sent on Tour to Kabul, Afganistan to return in September 2004. Acknowledging his newly acquired experience and leadership, the Mapping and Charting Establishment offer Pierre the opportunity to gradually climb the rank ladder by offering him a Primary Leader course in February 2005 and later the following year his Qualification level 6A September 2006 which he completed with flying color.

    Pierre has always been a very good Technician with dedication to his branch/duty and peers. He has never look at long working hours as a detriment or burden and pull more of his work load when working as team member within secure and close environment.

    Pierre will still be serving his Country and Citizens by working as a Image Analyst at the classification level of EG-05 with ICE CANADIAN SERVICE here in Ottawa