Sgt Peter Cameron "Cam" Wilson, CD

    Sgt Peter Cameron "Cam" Wilson, CD retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after 14.5 years of loyal and dedicated service. Members of 33CER will be hosting an informal Departure with Dignity for him to celebrate his years in uniform. The DwD will take place at the Stittsville Legion located at 1481 Stittsville Main St, Stittsville, ON K2S 1A7. Dress is civilian attire.

    Sgt Wilson enrolled in the CAF in 2004 with 3 Field Engineer Squadron (now 33 CER). In the summer of 2004, he completed BMQ at CFB Kingston and after a short break then completed his QL3 at CFSME. During the training year, while attending college, he attended multiple exercises and participated in the part-time driver wheel course and obtained LSVW Driver and MLVW Driver qualifications.  In 2005 he completed QL5 at CFSME and during the training year attended Exercise QUARREL JUMP at former CFB Chilliwack over the Christmas break, this was his first exposure to bridging and was certainly not the last. In 2006, Cam was promoted to Corporal after working at CFSME on tasking for 6 months in support of CFSME base training initiatives and then started PLQ which he successfully completed after the conclusion of Mod 6 which took place in CFB Wainwright. In 2007 he obtained the Tractor Dump qualification and began working at Connaught Ranges as the Range Warden where he would spend the next 10 years utilizing his Engineering skills by overseeing the operations, maintenance and management of a diverse and complex training facility. During his tenure, Cam’s hard work ensured that the ranges and training facilities stayed open to support the training needs of Reserve and Regular force, CANSOFCOM, Public Safety and Police Services during their times of need and while other bases had their facilities condemned. He ensured the ongoing maintenance of the facility which resulted in it being used as the standard in range inspection practices across the CAF. In 2011, Cam completed DP3 (6As) and was promoted to Sergeant. In 2012, he became LOSV (Light Over Snow Vehicle) operator qualified, during the course, he prevented a fellow candidate from going up in flames by removing them from their sled before they could refuel when he noticed their brake cylinder was almost on fire as they were pulling up to the fuel point. During his time at the range, in addition to attending courses and unit training exercises on nights and weekends, Cameron became integral to the daily operations of Connaught, as he became both a project manager and also acted as a Range Control Officer. A constantly changing environment with a high tempo, ongoing on-base security incidents were a regular occurrence as well as the support of high profile events such as the run in red, parades and the annual shooting competition with attending competitors from NATO Allies Nations kept
    his days busy.

    Between 2011 and 2018 Cam got married, completed 2 degrees, and after some reflection and now wanting to spend time with family decided to release as he had been working day  and night between school and the army for the duration of his career. At the end of 2016 Cam left his class B at the Range where he then became a co-op student with ADM (IM) and returned to Class A service after a short ED&T stint. He was then brought on in June 2017 as a Civilian employee with the DND where he used his Masters Degree to conduct  Business Continuity Planning for mission-critical applications. Prior to his release from the Army, Cam provided 33 CER with some assistance in training and qualifying skid loader
    operators in the months leading up to his release in Sept 2018.

    Cameron lived the life of an Engineer every day, from hammers and nails, power tools, heavy equipment and earthworks to explosives and small arms and boating, the daily grind brought forth new challenges and learning experiences in all weather and varying operational conditions. Sapper skills and a can-do attitude paved the road for his success in leadership, and professionally.

    Cam is happily married to Kim and is a proud father of their 3-year old son Malcolm.

    Now working in IT with his Sapper skills behind him, Cam continues to work for the DND as a civilian and is currently working as a Program Manager for the ADM(IM) Group. Cameron plans to continue to work with the public service for the duration of his career and enjoy this next chapter of life with his family and the many friends he has made along the way.