Sgt Paul MacMillan, CD

    After 13 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Sergeant Paul MacMillan,  will retire 15 Sept 2018.  A Depart with Dignity Ceremony will take place at the Brewsters located 15327 Castle Downs Rd NW, Edmonton, on 15 June 2018 at 13:00 hours.  Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 08 June 2018.  Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI by e-mail. OPI:  SGT John Whelan, email at or by phone at 780-956-4081.

    Sgt MacMillan was recruited Sep 2005 in Montreal, QC. He attended recruit training at CFLRS in Saint-Jean, QC and QL3 at CFSME Gagetown, NB. Upon completion of QL3 he was posted to 1 CER Edmonton on 1 Sep 2006. He deployed to Afghanistan Feb to Sep 2008 as part of TF 1-08. Upon returning he was employed as a sect 2IC. In 2010 he attended IEDD Operator training at CFSME in Gagetown, NB. Sgt MacMillan was employed as an IEDD team member at 1 CER until July 2012 when he was posted to 4 ESR Gagetown, NB. He was promoted to Sgt in Jan 2013 and posted back to 1 CER Jul 2013. Sgt MacMillan is being medically released 15 Sep 2018. After release, he will begin the Emergency Management program at NAIT.