Sgt M.L. Quigley, CD

    • Sgt M.L. Quigley, CD

    After more than 15 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers, Sgt Mike Quigley, CD, will retire on 12 July 2023. Friends and colleagues are welcome to attend Sgt Quigley’s Depart with Dignity function which will start at 13:30 hours on 15 September 2023at Griffin’s Pub & Eatery. Dress will be dress of the day or civilian casual. Congratulatory messages and anecdotes can be sent to Sgt B.J. Wellwood at

    Sgt Mike Quigley was born in Etobicoke. Ontario, in November 1982. He enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in Hamilton, Ontario in 2008 as a Combat Engineer. After completing Basic Training in Saint Jean, Québec, he attended QL3 training at CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick.
    Mike’s first posting was to 4 ESR at CFB Gagetown in June 2008, where he remained until 2018. During those years, he deployed to Afghanistan on Roto 3-10. In 2018, he was posted to CFSME, where he instructed DP1, DP2, and DP3A students in the Field Engineer Training Squadron (FETS). Sgt Quigley will finish his career in July 2023 with Bridging, Rafting, Watermanship, and Rigging (BRWR) Tp.

    Sgt Quigley will remain in the local area to enjoy retirement with his spouse, Sam, as he has no plans yet to begin civilian employment.