Sgt M.J. Robinson, CD

    • Sgt M.J. Robinson, CD

    After more than 18 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineers Branch, Sgt Matthew Robinson, CD, will retire on 10 June 2022. At the member’s request, a small Depart with Dignity ceremony will take place in Fredericton. Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to WO S.J. Carroll at

    Sgt Matthew Robinson joined the CAF on 28 January 2004 as a member of 3 Field Artillery Regiment. After the Basic and Soldier Qualification courses, he continued training with the Regiment for the next two years before seeing the light. In February 2007, he joined the Engineers as a Construction Technician in the Regular Forces.

    After DP1, Sgt Robinson was posted to 2 CER to complete on-job training. While at 2 CER, he completed DP2 and obtained his Interprovincial Journeyman License. After five years at 2 CER, he was posted to CFB Trenton as a section member in 81 CEF. A year later, Sgt Robinson assumed the position of Alert Coordinator within 8 Wing CE, responsible for ordering and shipping all material that contractors needed in Alert and Eureka.

    In 2015, he was promoted to the rank of MCpl and posted to Real Property Operations Unit (Atlantic) as the Contracts Inspector within the Contracts Section. After RPOU(A), Sgt Robinson was promoted to his current rank and posted to 4 ESR, spending the next four years as a Sect Comd in the Construction Troop. While at 4 ESR, Sgt Robinson deployed to Jamaica on Ex OSHLAC as a Sect Comd with 1 ESU. The following year, Sgt Robinson deployed to Latvia for the MNHQ build, again as a Sect Comd under 1 ESU. Upon returning from Latvia, Sgt Robinson was posted to his current position at CFSME as the CT Sect Comd.

    In preparation for retirement, Sgt Robinson has enjoyed investing many hours overseeing DP1 and DP2 currently running at CFSME. Sgt Robinson will retire from the CAF on 10 June 2022 after more than 18 years of loyal and dedicated service. Matthew and his family will remain in the local area as he will work as a locksmith at Real Property Operations Unit (Atlantic), Detachment Gagetown, continuing to support the CAF for years to come.