Sgt Martin Guevremont, CD

    I joined the Canadian Army in 1989 as a reserve member in the infantry with Les Voltigeurs de Quebec, I have chosen to join the reserve first to get the opportunity to pay my college, I got a diploma in administration technique with the option in human resources management and I graduate in 1992. During my 6 years in a half with the reserve I completed a couple of course and participated to a couple of exercises as Noble Lion in 1990 at Gagetown, I did my first mission with the 2R22R in Bosnia from May to November 1993, I was part of the recce platoon. I quit the reserve as a master-corporal to join the reg force to go as a combat engineer in 1995, I received a phone call during a training to go in Croatia with the 2R22R again and they asked me if I was interested to join as a combat engineer because it was my 2nd choice. I took the decision to go as a reg force member, my journey begun when I have been send to Borden to complete my wheel course from June 95 to Aug 95, after this course I went to Chiliwack to complete my DP1 from Aug 95 until Dec 95. I have been posted to the 5RGC in Jan 96 and I was in 1 tp with WO Lagueux, one they asked from some volunteer to go in Bosnia and i have been chosen. I did my 2nd mission in Bosnia with the 53th squadron from July 96 till Jan 97, returning from my leave with the 52th squadron the troop warrant asked from some volunteer for a tasking in Chilliwack and lucky as I am I have been chosen for that and I did that tasking from May 97 until Sept 97. At my return I filled the position as a clerk for the maintenance troop for one year and I moved back with the 52th squadron in the 3 tp with CWO Cantin as the troop warrant, I stayed with 52th squadron till April 99 when I have been promoted as a corporal. After that I moved again with the 58th squadron to be the driver for the intelligence cell, I stayed in this position till Oct 99 and i have been used as a clerk for the ops 58 till May 2000. I came back with the 52th squadron with the 3 tp as a driver for the recce sgt, in Sept 2000 I did my DP2 in Gagetown till Nov 2000, returning from the Christmas leave I begun my training to go for my 3rd mission in Bosnia, I have been the section storeman with the 5 tp from Sept 01 till Apr 02 in Dvrar. At my return I moved for a 3rd with the 58th squadron to be the squadron MT for almost 2 years, during that time the 52th squadron was seeking the regiment to find more bison driver for their mission in Afghanistan and I volunteer for that tour, I have been used in the troop HQ for the 4 tp as a driver for many tasking from Feb 04 till Aug 04. From Sept 04 till Dec 04 I have been used as a section 2 I/C in the 3 tp and after that I filled the position of the troop MT till may 05, during that time I have been asked by the CWO Cantin to be posted at St-Jean during the summer and in 24 hours it changed for Gagetown, for that posting I have been promoted master corporal in June 05. I moved to the LFAATC, where I taught as a staff at A COY on different SQ, mod 6 PLQ land and 2 BMQ course, during that time I got the chance to do my urban ops instructor course and my DP3. I have been promoted to my rank till June 08 and choose to go back to the 5 RGC in July 08, at my return I have been put in 2 tp with the 51th squadron where I filled the position as a section commander till Jan 09, I transferred to the 55th squadron as a section commander and since march 09 I do the troop warrant’s job.