Sgt Mark Piche CD

    • Sgt Mark Piche, CD

    After 37 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Royal Canadian Artillery and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Sergeant Mark Piche, CD  retired on 02 Oct 19. A Depart with Dignity (DWD) Ceremony will take place at 1 Engineer Support Unit, 667 Cataraqui Woods Drive, Kingston Ontario on 25 1300 October 2019. Attendees are requested to advise the OPI of their planned attendance NLT 18 October 2019. Anecdotes, photographs or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI by email.

    OPI: Sgt Robert Larocque, email or by phone at 613/541-5010 ext 7417

    Sgt Mark Piche is retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces with more than 37 years of completed military service.

    Sgt Piche enrolled with the military in June of 1982, by joining the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa for student summer employment and training. He accumulated 98 days of service in the reserves and then in June of 1985 transferred to the Regular force with Royal Canadian Artillery.

    After completing recruit training in Cornwallis, was posted to Shilo, MB where he completed Battle School with the RCA. After completing Battle School, he stayed in Shilo and became a member of the 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery.

    While with the RCHA Sgt Piche was assigned to G Battery an M-109 / 155mm mobile howitzer unit. By January 1987 he was transferred U Battery with the Air Defence Artillery still in Shilo.

    As U Battery was disbanded by September 1988 Sgt Piche realized this was an opportunity to apply for an Occupational Transfer to a Construction Engineer trade.

    In June of 1989 Sgt Piche was promoted to the rank of Cpl and shortly after, in January of 1990 was posted to CFB Chilliwack, Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering. In August of that year Sgt Piche completed his QL3 Electrical Generation Systems (EGS) Technician course and was subsequently posted to CFB Kingston. While in Kingston he worked with Base CE and 21 EW Communications Squadron. After only 2 years in Kingston, Sgt Piche was posted again to CFB Chilliwack to Base CE. In the spring of 1993, he completed his EGS tech QL5 course.

    In 1994 Sgt Piche received his first opportunity to deploy. This deployment was with 2 Field Ambulance to RWANDA, where he spend the next 3 months. In July of 1996 Sgt Piche was posted to 2 Area Construction Troop in Petawawa, where his travel opportunities increased significantly. He took part in deployments to Drvar, Bosnia in January of 1998 for 6 months and then again to Zgon, Bosnia in February of 2000 for an additional 6 months, where he was appointed to the rank of MCpl. In between those deployments, Sgt Piche completed DART missions in Honduras from October to December 1998 and then in Turkey from August to September of 1999.

    Upon return from Bosnia in September 2000 Sgt Piche was transferred to 1 Canadian Field Hospital in Petawawa where he spent the next three years. During his time there, he received several courses that allowed him to facilitate the unit requirements of maintaining land-based and vehicle-based power generating equipment. From April to June of 2003 Sgt Piche completed both a QL5 EGS technician conversion course and his QL6A EGS technician supervisor course. After this Sgt Piche was promoted to his current rank in August of 2003 and then posted again the CFB North Bay.

    While in North Bay Sgt Piche was assigned to work in the underground complex for NORAD in the power cavern’s main bunker. In March of 2004, he deployed to CFS Alert for 6 months where he was tasked to repair the main Power Plant after a fire. After returning to North Bay he was involved in the project to build and facilitate a move to the new above-ground complex. During 2006-2007, Sgt Piche deployed to Camp Mirage for 6 months where he assisted in the expansion of the camp.

    In July of 2007 Sgt Piche was posted to CFB Winnipeg CE unit. Within 6 weeks of arriving in Winnipeg, he again deployed to CFS Alert, leaving his new home set-up with nothing but cardboard boxes, and microwave meals. His task in Alert was broad as he was involved in both the Kitchen upgrade project and power plant engine and control upgrade. Returning to Winnipeg by end April 2008 he completed his move and unpacked the remainder of these things. Sgt Piche’s time at home was short-lived; in June 2009 he deployed to Camp Mirage this time within the contracts section, where he managed Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Electrical and Generator Systems contracts.

    In July of 2011 he was posted to CFB Wainwright, where he established an EGS shop. Sgt Piche was involved in the installation of many generating systems and the on-job training of several apprentices. His final posting came in July of 2016, to 1 Engineer Support Unit in Kingston Ontario. He deployed on Technical Assistance Visits to various locations, such as; Op REASSURANCE in Latvia and OSH LAC, Jamaica.

    Sgt Piche’s career in the Canadian Armed Forces has been just like him, long-winded.

    Mark will retire in the Kingston area with his spouse Dayna. He plans to continue working and has potential employment with Nasittuq at CFS Alert.