Sgt Luc Verreault, CD

    • Sgt Luc Verreault, CD
    Sgt Luc Verreault will be retiring from the Canadian Armed Forces on 1 Feb 2017, after 28+ years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, Canadian Military Engineers and the Canadian Armed Forces.
    Sgt Luc Verreault joined the CF in Chicoutimi on the 20 Oct 1988. He was transferred right away to the CF language school on 25 Oct 1988, after completing his time here, he was sent to the CF Fire academy on 29 Apr 1989. After graduating from the fire academy, Sgt Verreault was posted to CFB Trenton on 2 Oct 1989 where he remained stationed as a firefighter for 7 years. As his first 7 years in Trenton came to an end, Sgt Verreault was posted to Halifax, NS, onboard HMCS Provider on 2 Feb 1996, where he served two and a half years. During his time here, he was part of decommissioning the ship.
    Sgt Verreault was posted back to CFB Trenton on 31 Jul 1998 where he worked at the fire department for 4 years. Upon completing his 4 years as a Cpl in Trenton, Sgt Verreault earned his promotion as a MCpl. On 14 Jul 2003, he was posted to Halifax, NS, once again, but this time, he had the opportunity to serve onboard HMCS Ville de Quebec.
    On 19 Oct 2005, Sgt Verreault was posted back home to CFB Trenton where he spent another 4 years. During his time in Trenton, Sgt Verreault was granted the opportunity to serve as the Fire Chief, better known as Smokey, in CFS Alert from 16 Mar 2008 to 10 Sep 2008, as well as being promoted to his current rank of Sgt. He did a second tour in CFS Alert from 20 Oct 2015 to 15 Jan 2016. As his time in Trenton came to another end, Sgt Verreault was posted to Bagotville, Quebec on 13 Jul 2009 where he served until 13 Jul 2013. Fortunately, he was posted back to CFB Trenton to fill the role as Chief Fire Inspector.
    Although Sgt Verreault is proud of his time served in the CAF, he looks forward to spending more time with his family, which includes his common-law spouse, Monica, his 3 daughters, Ashley, Jenna and Emilie, as well as his 2 grandchildren, Kaeden and Lyvia.
    Sgt Verreault CD has served our country for more than two decades of honourable service; Luc is finally preparing for his next life as a civilian, ready to enjoy his freedom in Trenton, Ontario. He will be working with the ITM team at the fire house. His Depart with Dignity ceremony will be held in Trenton at a later date. Once this date has been picked, all will be notified.