Sgt Lawrence Francoeur, CD

    Sgt Francoeur will be retiring from the CF on 21 May 2012 after 29 years + of service.

    He joined the CF the first time on the 15 November 1978, in Rimouski, Quebec. After successfully completing his basic training at CFB St-Jean, Pte Francoeur was posted to CFB Edmonton for his Traffic technician QL3 course. In December 1979, he was posted to CFB Petawawa, with 2 Service Battalion, until October 1980.

    Pte Francoeur took a leave of absence from the DND and came back as YTEP on 29 Aug 1985, and after completing his recruit school training and his Firefighter QL3 course, he was posted to CFB Ottawa. On the 29 August 1986, he signed for the regular forces and worked at the fire hall for the next 4 Years. Cpl Francoeur was posted to HMCS Algonquin in 1990, as a ship board fire fighter. During that time he was deployed with the HMCS Preserver to the Persian Golf in 1991 until the end of the war in April 1991. In 1993 he was posted to CFB Ottawa for 2 years, before they closed the base in 1994. After those 2 years in Ottawa, Cpl Francoeur was posted to CFB Greenwood in July 1993. He stayed for 7 years in CFB Greenwood before getting posted to Joint NBC in Trenton in July 2002. After 19 months with the Joint NBC team, MCpl Francoeur was posted to FA(A) in Halifax. During his time with FA(A), he did multiple deployments and served with HMCS Montreal, Ville de Quebec and Athabaskan. In June 2005, Sgt Francoeur was promoted and posted to HMCS Preserver. In 2007, he was posted to CFB Greenwood to take a position as Deputy Platoon Chief. He volunteered to go to Afghanistan and in June of that year, commenced pre deployment training in Edmonton and shortly after, was deployed for a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan. After his return from Afghanistan, Sgt Francoeur was posted to CFB Shearwater in December 2009 to present.

    Lawrence (Frank) Francoeur with his daughter Anisa and his son Jessy, will be staying in HRM, where he plans on opening his own successful business.