Sgt Kevin Rioux, CD

    • Sgt Kevin Rioux, CD

    After 17 years of service to the CAF, Sgt Kevin Rioux, CD retired on 31 Mar 18. See bio attached. A depart with dignity luncheon will be at a later time as requested by the member. The OPI is Sgt Jonathan Desrosiers and any retirement wishes and anecdotes may be sent directly to him at<>

    Sergeant Rioux joined Les Fusiliers du St-Laurent Regiment in 2000 as a reservist in Rimouski, Qc. After completing his basic infantry course, he requested a transfer to the regular force as a construction technician. In May 2001, he was transferred and he spent a year improving his English skills. He was then transferred for training to the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineers in Gagetown, New Brunswick.

    After completing his trade course (QL3) in July 2003, he was posted to 3 Wing Bagotville until July 2008. He was then posted in July 2008 to 5 Combat Engineer Regiment in Valcartier, Qc. After 4 years at 5 CER, he was posted to 2 Wing, CFB Bagotville as a carpenter with the Air Expeditionary Squadron. The following year, in July 2013, he was promoted to MCpl and transferred to 3 Wing as the 2 I/C of the Carpentry Shop. He then held the position of the supervisor in the Carpentry Shop from 2016 until December 2017. He was promoted to Sgt on June 27, 2017. From December 2017 until the day of his retirement, March 28 2018, he was employed in the Contracts Section, CFB Bagotville.

    Sergeant Kevin Rioux retires from the Canadian Armed Forces after more than 17 years of service to join the Public Service as Contract Inspector at RPOps Det Bagotville.