Sgt Kevin Dean, CD

    Sergeant Kevin Dean was born in Pembroke, Ontario. He originally started his military career in February 1986 with 1st Royal New Brunswick Regiment, an Infantry Reserve Unit in Fredericton. He then enrolled in the Regular Force on 5 January 1988 as a gunner in the Artillery. He completed his Basic Training at Cornwallis, NS and his Battle School Course in Shilo, Manitoba. He was then posted to 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Petawawa Ontario. In the fall of 1988 he was posted to 1st Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Lahr, Germany. While in Europe for 4 years, he travelled quite a lot and toured most European countries including former Soviet Bloc.

    Upon his return to Canada in 1992, he was posted back to 2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery. Getting readjusted to Canadian life had to wait as he deployed on a 5 week Nato exercise in Norway and then began training for a deployment to Cyprus. In February 1993 he was off to Cyprus for a United Nations tour. In the fall of 1995 to the spring of 1996 he was on a “Regimental Sports Scholarship” while he trained for and competed in the Military Ski event at the National level. In December 1997 he was deployed to Bosnia for a 6 month tour. In 2000 he competed in the Ironman Competition in CFB Petawawa followed by the US Marine Corps marathon in Washington, DC. After having put a number of his “cement head” goals in the rear-view mirror, he decided it was time to look for a trade that would offer he and his family a future after his Military career was over.

    In 2001 he, hit the Reset Button and OT’d to the Engineer branch as an RM Technician. He was posted to CFSME for his 11 month RM QL3 Course. Following the course, he was posted to 8 Wing Trenton. While in Trenton at 86 ASU, he worked on rebuilding aircraft arrestor gear and deployed to various air shows across the country. He got his OJT and hands-on refrigeration experience through very limited time at the RM Shop and a lot of time moon-lighting on civi-street. In December 2003, he deployed to the Golan Heights for another 6 month tour. Soon after his return from the Golan, he completed his RM QL5 course. He was promoted to MCpl in January 2006. With 2 weeks notice Kevin deployed from March-May 2006 to Kandahar. Upon his return from Afghanistan he was posted to CFSME at CFB Gagetown.

    In July 2006, Kevin and his daughter moved to Oromocto and he began his new job as an instructor at the “Centre of Excellence”. He completed his RM QL6A course soon after his arrival and began instructing and acting as Course NCO for several consecutive RM trade courses. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in January 2008.

    Last summer, Kevin received news that his daughter would be remaining and living with him permanently. After having completed over 21 years of Loyal and Dedicated Service to Queen and Country 20 years of Loyal and Dedicated Service to Queen and Country in the Regular Force he felt it’s time to actually put his family first and step away from the moves and deployments that go along with Regular Force service. He remains proud of the CF and all of its current endeavours. Kevin, with the support of his girlfriend Shauna and daughter Alyssa, has decided to release and move to Halifax where he will continue to serve the CF as a Reservist. Kevin said that seeing how he started his military career as a “Tune”, it would be a fitting way to end it. He’s looking forward to all the challenges and rewards ahead in life.