Sgt J.J.C.Maillet Receives CME Branch Commendation

CWO R.G. Swift (CME Branch CWO), MGen J.S. Sirois (CAF Chief Military Engr), Sgt J.J.C. Maillet and the CME Branch Col Cmdt, BGen S.M. Irwin (Ret’d). Presentation date: 16 Feb 2017
Publication Date 
23 Feb 2017

Sergeant Maillet's extraordinary dedication and pride as the Instructor for Culture and Heritage, at the Canadian Military Engineer's Museum, has brought significant credit to the Military Engineer Branch and ensured the preservation of our history and traditions. Sergeant Maillet has led many student tours and visiting military, re-modeled the gallery to better show the chronology of our story, was instrumental in the installation of the Beaver Armoured Vehicle Launching Bridge (AVLB) monument as well as many other initiatives that have improved the quality of our museum. He is certainly deserving of the CME Branch's commendation.