Sgt Jeffrey Mullenix, CD

    Sgt Mullenix joined the CF 22 Sept 1988 at CFRC Regina, SK. He began life in the Military by going to Cornwallis for Basic Training. Graduated from Basic Trg and went to CFB Borden for Basic Driver Trg for six weeks. Following the driver trg, he was sent to CFB Cold Lake to gain OJT while waiting for the next QL 3 crse in Chilliwack.

    During the six months in Cold Lake, Sgt Mullenix was sent to work in CFS Alert as a driver for the Canadian and American Scientists while they conducted their experiments on the Ice. After the Alert deployment, Sgt Mullenix returned to CFB Cold Lake and worked for MCpl “Bubbles” MacDonald at PLER.

    Sgt Mullenix made his way to Chilliwack in Aug 1989 and completed the QL 3 Engineer Course, graduating in Dec 1989, and was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment (1 CER) Jan 1990.

    While with 1 CER, Sgt Mullenix deployed over seas five times. The first was the Regimental deployment to Kuwait in 1991. The second was Croatia 1994, the third to Bosnia 1997, the fourth to Kosovo 1999 and the final deployment to Afghanistan in 2002. He also completed his QL 5A in 1992, Combat Leadership Course in 1993, Basic EOD in 1997, QL 6A in 2000 and a variety of driver courses throughout the years.

    Following the Afghanistan tour, in Aug 2002 Sgt Mullenix was posted to LFWA (TC) where he instructed Soldier Qualification (SQ) and Primary Leadership Qualification Land (PLQ (L)) from Aug 02 to Jul 04. After that stint in the school, Sgt Mullenix was transferred to Field Trg where he was responsible for providing enemy forces for the afore mentioned courses and target repair and maintenance.

    Sgt Mullenix was posted back to 1 CER in Aug 2006, where he was the SQMS for 12 Fd Sqn. He was inter-Sqn posted from 12 Fd to 13 Fd Sqn in Aug 07 where he took over as the 13 Fd Sqn Ops NCO. Sgt Mullenix maintained that position until his retirement in Sept 2008.

    Sgt Mullenix has three sons, Tyrel (15) Tucker (13) and Taggart (10). Sgt Mullenix plans to remain in the St. Albert area and is going to work for DKCSPARKLEAN, which is a Flood, Fire and Wind Restoration business.

    Anecdotes and messages of congratulation may be sent to the OPI, WO A Buttree @ 1 CER via e-mail, or mail. A retirement function will be held in Edmonton beginning of Sep, date TBC