Sgt JDT Cadieux, CD

    Sgt Cadieux joined the CF in Sept 1994 as a 021 Artillery Reserve, attending various exercises like EX. SHELLBURST VALLEY. In pursuit of greater challenges, he took an opportunity to work with the 192 Airfield Engineers Flight in Abbotsford which opened up in 1996. Recognizing his potential, the senior staff strongly suggested he seek an occupational transfer to a trade like EGS. In 1997, after the QL3 apprentice course in April of that year, he applied for a component transfer to the regular force. While awaiting the transfer, he worked in Comox and CFS Alert (3 months each) and was involved in the wiring of the AEF extension and Airport compound.

    Sgt Cadieux’s transfer to the regular force took place in November of 1998 and included a posting to 14 Wing Greenwood where, employed as a field technician, he completed his apprenticeship training. He also deployed on ROTO 0 to Kosovo. Promoted to Cpl in 2001, he continued to work in the EGS shop in Greenwood often as the 2 I/C and section IT expert.

    Sgt Cadieux was posted to CFJSR Kingston, Ontario from July of 2003 – June 2006, employed as the Electrical Systems Supervisor to the EGS and ED technicians within the unit. While employed in Kingston he played a key role in the roll out and testing of the CPDS, Central Power Distribution System, which included the provision of assistance to Ottawa and the Depot in Montreal through testing and/or repair of 30 CPDS units returning from trials in Afghanistan, as well as making recommendations to the Regiment on numbers and parts scaling. Sgt Cadieux was promoted to MCpl 2004 while still employed with CFJSR.

    Sgt Cadieux was posted to 191 CEF, Construction Engineer Flight at 19 Wing Comox in June of 2006 and was immediately employed as the acting Crew chief for 1 Crew. While employed with 191 CEF he deployed in November of 2006 to Suffield Alberta to provide assistance to the TUAV training unit redeploying several CPDS generating systems; to the Fraser Valley with the flight on OP PONTOON in 2007, where he was responsible for the deployment of the Prime Power Plant as well as field repairs; and to Wainwright in support of EX MAPLE GUARDIAN 08 as a SME for the deployable power plant. He received his promotion to Sergeant in 2007 and became the permanent 1 Crew Chief and in the absence of senior leaders, he was often employed as the Acting Flight MWO or Acting Flight Commander.

    After dedicating 14 years to the CF, Sgt Cadieux will be retiring on the 30th of April 2008 to the Fraser Valley with his wife Nadine and three children Austin, Sophie, and Aria.