Sgt James Dow, CD

    Sgt Dow joined the CF 24 Sept 1975. After completing recruit training at Cornwallis he was posted to Petawawa where he trained as a Armour Corp soldier with the 8th Hussars. He then deployed with the 8CH to Cyprus in 3 Oct 1978.

    In June 1981 he remustered to STR Tech and attended the Engineer School in Chilliwack. From there he was posted to CFB Chatham where he was employed at various jobs. In Sept 1985 he was deployed to Qunaytirah, Syria were he worked between there and the Golan Heights.

    In June 1988 he was posted to the RCD Regiment as their field carpenter at CFB Petawawa On. From there he redeployed to Cyprus with the RCD to run the non tech shop.

    He was posted to Debert in July 1990 to work Production and look after the Armouries. He later took over contracts as a one man show attached out of Halifax until 7 Jan 1997 when he took his release to work his own business.

    He rejoined in Feb 2002 and was posted to 4 ESR in Gagetown to the construction troop where he deployed with the Regiment to Haiti in March 2004.

    His last and present posting was here in Winnipeg were he works as 2IC in the carpenter shop. He managed to get one more deployment in to Afghanistan in Oct 2006 before pulling the pin.

    Sgt Dow and his wife Rita will be moving to the Truro area where he will be employed by Sea Board Construction. There they hope to see more of their four kids and three grand children.