Sgt Graham Ridley, CD

    • Sgt Graham Ridley, CD

    After 18 years of service, Sgt Graham Ridley will soon retire from the Canadian Army of on 15 Dec 2017.

    Graham joined the Army in January 2000. In Oct 2000, he was posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment. Within a few short years of being posted to 2 CER, Graham completed his basic parachutist course. Mountain Ops and multiple driving courses. He then completed work-up training for and deployed to Afghanistan for the first time in August 2003. After returning from his first deployment, Graham continued to train. He completed is PLQ and his HB course and on 15 Mar 2007, he was promoted to the rank of MCpl.

    In September 2008, Graham was re-deployed to Afghanistan, only this time as a section 2IC. On 26 Aug 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Sgt. In February of 2015, Sgt Ridley became 2 CERs first Peer Support Coordinator. 2 CER's new Peer Support cell created a place for all members of the regiment to seek help and assistance with many different issues. Graham has helped many members overcome insurmountable odds over the years. His compassion, guidance and experience will prove challenging to replace.

    Graham and his wife Melissa are planning to stay in the Petawawa area where they will continue to raise their two beautiful daughters, Alexis, 11 and Charlotte, 1.
    Graham is currently pursuing his passion which is working with and training horses. He will continue to support veterans who need it and plans to initiate a new peer support group for all veterans in the area.