Sgt GH "Gerry" Mack, CD

    • CME Badge

    Born in Germany, Sgt Mack came to Canada in 1963 living in Gatineau QC and Toronto. He joined 709 (Toronto) Communications Regt as a Communications Centre Operator in May 1970. After completing his teletype training, he worked either in "The DIFFENBUNKER HOLE" in Borden or out of the CRATZ.  In October 1971, he left the Reserve to further his High School education and to see daylight on a regular basis again.

    After completing 2 1/2 years as an automobile apprentice, Sgt Mack joined the Regular Force in 1974 as a Field Engineer. His postings included: 3 Fd Sqn in Chilliwack (later 1 CER), 4 CER Lahr; Base Chilliwack; back to 4 CER; CFSEME (EOD School) Borden; and back to Base Chilliwack once more.

    After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Communist Empire, the CF began downsizing and offered Forces Reduction Plan packages (FRP), and so in the middle of his 6A course, Sgt Mack put in his release. He completed the 6A and in September of 1992 began to attend BCIT as a Civil and Structural (Engineering) Technologist, graduating in May of 1994.

    Sgt Mack worked for several Civil Engineering Firms to get his credentials as an Applied Science Technologist (Civil), Certified Engineering Technologist in the rest of Canada. He is currently taking courses to achieve a BSc in Physical Geography and complete the requirements for Professional Engineer  (PEng) in BC. He has applied to UBC Graduate School to get a Masters of Engineering in Civil Engineering focusing on Geo-Environmental studies.

    In 1995, Sgt Mack was asked to assist the Navy Cadets as an Instructor. After 1 year was the CO for a year at Mt Cheam Navy Cadets.

    In 1998, Sgt Mack ran into an old friend, Mikey O'Conner, who talked him into joining 192 Construction Engineering Flight in Abbotsford and help with EOD. With 192 CEF, he went to ANG exercises in Gulfport, Mississippi; Dallas, Texas; Fort Indian Town Gap, Pennsylvania and twice to Silver Flag in Florida. In conjunction with 4 AES, Cold Lake, he participated in an EOD exercise in Dundurn and was instrumental in catching the south part of the training area on fire, while attempting a DUD disposal of a WP round.

    Sgt Mark will be medically released, 14 months before reaching CRA. He and his wife Ellen plan to remain in the Chilliwack area. They have successfully launched 3 children, who are living all over the place.