Sgt Dwayne Orvis, CD

    • Sgt Dwayne Orvis, CD

    After more than 23 plus years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Sgt Dwayne Orvis, CD (bio attached), will retire 02 April 2017. A Depart with Dignity Ceremony will take place at CFSME building J-10 in Gagetown N.B, on 27 Apr 2017. Attendees are requested to advise the OPI WO Walsh of their planned attendance NLT 24 April 2017. Anecdotes or retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI Dwayne was born in city of Orangeville, Ontario. He grew up in Shelburne, Ontario with both parents Wayne and Linda and three sisters, Anne Marie, Anita and Amanda. He currently live in Haneytown, New Brunswick with his wife Ramona and his 6 year old daughter, Caitlin, 4 year old daughter Victoria and his 3 year old son, Aidan. He has been happily married for 7 years. After completing High School, he had intentions of going to College but as a Reservist at 33 CER, he went to Bosnia on Roto 0 in 1997 and decided a Military career better suited him. Upon his return, he joined the Regular force and was posted to 2 CER after completing his QL3 for the second time. He was then sent to Kosovo on Roto 1 in 1999 and Bosnia a second time on Roto 13 in 2003. In 2006 on TF 03-06, he deployed to Afghanistan as 2IC of 32D. During this tour sustained injuries to his right arm which affected the radial nerve and shattered his humorous. He has since recovered to 80% of his past abilities and continues to learn to adapt to his physical limitations. He received a Mention in Dispatch for his actions on September 3rd, 2006. While he was recovering, he was posted to 32 CER in Toronto as the Transport NCO. In 2008, he completed his QL6A Part 1. In 2009, he was posted back to 2 CER as a Section Commander. He was slated to be a Section Commander on TF 1-10, but was relieved due to the birth of his child. In 2012, he was posted to CFSME and worked in BWRW and MAST Tp. He was posted to JPSU in 2016 and it was decided that he should be medically released. After retirement, he plans on living on his farm in Waterville, NB taking care of his children and being Ramona’s house husband.