Sgt Dorothy Wojtarowicz, CD

    After more than 23 years of dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Military Engineers, Sgt Wojtarowicz will be retiring from the Forces. 

    A DWD ceremony will take place at 32 CER Ante Room in Denison Armoury, Toronto Ontario at 1730 hours on 04 February 2016. Congratulatory messages, farewell wishes, anecdotes and photos may be sent to MWO Quaidoo at this email: or text at cell # 905-783-6633

    Dress will be dress of the day or appropriate civilian attire. Guests are requested to RSVP with MWO Quaidoo NLT 2 February 2016.

    Sgt Dorothy Wojtarowicz joined 2 Fd Engr Regt (now 32CER) in 1992 as a Cbt Engr. She was promoted to Sgt in 2000, becoming the first female of that rank as a Combat Engineer.

    Throughout her career she instructed numerous basic military and combat engineer courses and was involved in two Dom Ops.

    Sgt Wojtarowicz deployed with 2CER in 2003 to Bosnia as a Sect Comd, and in 2005 to Afghanistan as the MCM/Int NCO in Kabul before being re-assigned to Kandahar as Sqn Ops where she managed the TFK Fwd CP.

    As a CIMIC operator, Sgt Wojtarowicz’s taskings included Germany and Poland, but her most honoured posting was from 2006-2007 as the Mortuary Affairs LO. She has since continued that work as a civilian consultant, planning and participating in more than forty CAF Repatriations and fulfilling the role of AO to the Michelle Lang Family. She was awarded the CDS coin for her contributions.

    When not working as a civilian nutritionist, Sgt Wojtarowicz has acquired more than 12 years experience running Ops and managing complex and high priority projects at Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). Work there led her to working with many Reg F and Res units across Canada as well as multi-national military and civilian defence agency partners.

    From 2007-2009 while maintaining a full work load at DRDC, she took on additional responsibilities as the Trg Coord for the Advanced Warfare Training Team (AWTT) in CAF’s first Indoor Urban Operations Training Center. Sgt Wojtarowicz was recognized for her part in the Team having trained over 2000 soldiers in the span of one year by the Army Commander.

    Dorothy has a degree in biology, a diploma in holistic nutrition and is certified as a Project Management Professional. She and her husband Eric live in Markham where they own and operate a defence and security training and consulting company.