Sgt D.G. Carpenter, CD

    • Sgt D.G. Carpenter, CD

    Sgt Dave Carpenter, CD, will retire on 25 May 2021 after more than 16 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch.  Anecdotes and retirement wishes may be sent to the OPI, Ross Fredericks at no later than 1 April 2021.


    After 16 years and 10 months is the Canadian Armed Forces, Sgt Dave Carpenter will retire on 25 May 2021.

    Dave was born in Charlottetown, PEI. While in high school, he and several of his friends decided to join the Army Reserves and on 12 Jul 2004, Dave began his BMQ course. For the next 4 years, he worked as an Armoured Recce Crewman at the PEI Regiment (PIER). He briefly switched to Supply Tech and continued to work at the PEIR on a Class B contract, until deciding to component transfer to the Reg Force as a Cbt Engr on 7 Nov 2008.

    Dave’s first posting was to 4 ESR at CFB Gagetown where he joined the Expedient Route Opening Capability (EROC) Tp. On 27 Nov 2010, Dave deployed to Afghanistan as an EROC Sect 2I/C. While deployed, he was promoted to MCpl and continued to lead his section on daily patrols until returning home on 15 Jul 2011. He then joined the EOD Tp and began preparing himself for new challenges.

    In May 2013, Dave was posted to Dwyer Hill Training Center in Ottawa, ON. While there, he deployed three times on Operation Impact. On his first deployment, he received the Task Force Commander Commendation and on this third, he received the CANSOF Commander Commendation. He had a tremendous reputation among his colleagues and international partners but after seven years, it was time to go home, which he did on 14 Aug 2020.

    Dave will remain on PEI, where he looks forward to catching up on lost time with his family. Only time will tell what adventure he will get into next. With a slower pace in life, it will be no surprise to see him fishing and wood-working or just relaxing on the beach.