Sgt D.G. Barkhouse, CD

    After more than 21 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Sgt David Barkhouse, CD, will retire on 13 February 2024. Anecdotes and well wishes may be sent to WO D.F. Sperry at

    Born in Moncton, NB, in 1985, Sgt Barkhouse enrolled in the Primary Reserves in February 2003 with the 8th Canadian Hussars as a Resource Management Support Clerk, ultimately attaining the rank of MCpl. During his time in the Reserves, Sgt Barkhouse taught numerous in-house BMQ courses, trade courses, and worked with the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group for two years. He transferred to the Regular Force in July 2012 as an Electrical Distribution Technician.

    In 2014, Sgt Barkhouse was posted to RP Ops in Edmonton after completing DP1. Following DP2, he was posted to 1 CER in 2018. The same year, Sgt Barkhouse earned the Red Seal Certificate as an electrician. In 2019, he was posted to RPOU(A) Sect Halifax as the military floor supervisor, coordinating the work of electricians, plumbers, and carpenters. He also worked with various maintenance groups to complete backlog work orders.

    Sgt Barkhouse deployed twice as an RMS clerk, to Israel and to Afghanistan, where he filled ops positions, and then twice as an ED Tech, to Ukraine as part of a TAV and to Latvia as the ED Sect Comd.

    Sgt Barkhouse is a hockey official enthusiast, having officiated numerous CAF tournaments at the regional and national level as well as the world level while in Alberta. He also enjoys wood working, hiking, hunting, and fishing.

    Sgt Barkhouse has been married to his wife, Jessica, for sixteen years. They have three children, Lydia (11), Isabel (10), and Samuel (8), with a fourth on the way. All their children are incredible in their own ways and keep their home full of energy.

    Sgt Barkhouse will retire from Canadian Armed Forces on 13 February 2024 to occupy a position within RP Ops in Halifax. He looks forward to the new challenges that await him there. Sgt Barkhouse wishes to thank all his peers, past and present, for the shared experiences that shaped him into the person he is today..