Sgt Dean A Puttock, CD

    Sgt Puttock joined the Canadian Forces on 26 May 1987 and completed the 10 week Basic Training Course at CFRS Cornwallis the same summer. After completion of 19 weeks of QL3 training at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering, CFB Chilliwack, Spr Puttock was posted to 2 Tp (PARA), 2 CER, CFB Petawawa.

    In August 1992, Cpl Puttock was posted to CFB Cornwallis, NS and was assigned to the Canadian Forces Recruit School. Upon closure of CFB Cornwallis in 1994, Cpl Puttock was posted to 4 Engineer Support Regiment, CFB Gagetown . Cpl Puttock was deployed as a member of the United Nations Mission in Haiti in 1996, and returned to Haiti for a second tour in 1997.

    While serving with 4 ESR, MCpl Puttock was deployed to Quebec during the Ice Storm, participated in the Swissair Flight 111 crash recovery at Peggy’s Cove NS, and the Kosovo Refugee operation at CFB Gagetown.

    In 2002, Sgt Puttock served as a member of Op Palladium, Task Force Bosnia Herzegovina and in 2005 was deployed to Kabul/Kandahar, Afghanistan as a member of Op Athena and Op Archer. Sgt Puttock was posted to CFSME in 2006 and completed his 21 years of service at 3ASG Engineer Branch.

    Sgt Puttock earned many qualifications throughout his career, most notably; he is a Paratrooper, a Combat Diver, and a Bomb Disposal Technician.

    During his honourable service to Canada, Sgt Puttock attained the UNMIH, UNTMIH, NATO (Former Yugoslavia), CPSM, and SWASM medals, the General Campaign Star (Afghanistan), and the Canadian Forces Decoration. Sgt puttock retired from the CF on 19 August 2008.

    Dean, his wife Jackie, and his children Alissa and Alexander will remain in New Brunswick where he will continue his services to DND through his next career as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist with the 3 ASG Engineer Branch.