Sgt David Sterling, CD

    Sgt Sterling joined the Canadian Forces in October 1984 in Regina Saskatchewan. He completed recruit training at CFB Cornwallis in December 1984. After completing QL3 training in Chilliwack, he was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment, 1 Troop in June 1985, as a Field Section Member. While in the regiment, he completed his QL 5 (041), moved to 15 Sp Sqn and remustered to 042 (FEE Op).

    Sgt Sterling was promoted to Cpl in October 1988 and was posted to CFB Shilo in July 1989. He was employed as a Heavy Equipment Operator and Range Firefighter. While in Shilo he completed his CLC, QL5 (042) and Grader course.

    In August 1994, he was posted to 4 Engineer Support Regiment, Heavy Equipment Troop, in CFB Gagetown. He completed his Crane, AEO, and 042 QL 6A. He was promoted to MCpl in December 1998 and then to Sgt in 2001. While in the unit he was employed as an AEO instructor, SQMS and Regt Transport NCO. Sgt Sterling was attached to CFSME as and instructor for a QL3 crse, deployed on OP STABLE, Haiti from April – September 1997 and on OP ECLIPSE UNMEE from May – July 2001.

    In July 2002, Sgt Sterling was posted to CFB Wainwright, Range Control as a patrol NCO. While there, he completed his Tp WO course and was then posted to back to where he first started, at 1 CER in July 07 as the Sp Tp Recce Sgt. He continues to train young operators as the Chief Instructor for all Army Armoured Engineers until his release in October 2008.

    This old dirt pusher will be retiring in the Wainwright area, with his wife Kim and two kids, Ashley and Davis. Dave has secured future employment as a crane operator.

    Anecdotes and messages of congratulation may be sent to the OPI, WO A Buttree @ 1 CER via e-mail, or mail. A retirement function will be held in Edmonton beginning of Sep, date TBC.