Sgt Dan Cousineau, CD

    Dan enrolled in the CF on 6 December 74, after his basic training he attended the Language School in Borden Ontario. After completing Cbt Engr Trg Dan was posted to the 5e RGC Valcartier from January 76 to June 86, while in Valcartier he went on his first tour to CFS Alert. From June 86 until August 89 Dan was posted to CFB Shilo as part of the Field Engineer Section. Dan was once again posted back to 5e RGC Valcartier where he remained until July 97. During this time he went on his second tour to CFS Alert, did a tour in Kuwait after the Gulf War and completed three tours in BosniaHerzegovina. In July 97 Dan was posted to CFSME Gagetown as an Instructor. Dan was posted back to CFB Shilo In Jul 2005 this time as a Patroller with Range Control.