Sgt Dan Boudreau, CD

    Sgt Boudreau enrolled in the Canadian Forces in November 1981 and completed recruit training in CFB Cornwallis, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia. After graduating from Basic Recruit Training, he completed TQ3 occupational training at the Air Weapons Control and Countermeasures School, as an Air Defense Technician in Falconbridge, Ontario. He was posted to CFS Barrington, Nova Scotia where he completed the Radar Countermeasures Technician course. In Barrington he pressed on to become a Crew Chief and was accelerated promoted to Cpl. In 1986, he accepted an occupational transfer to PERI, (Physical Education and Recreation Instructor) and after completing 6 months of Training at the Canadian Forces School of Physical Education and Recreation in CFB Borden, was posted to CFS Baldy Hughes, British Columbia. As a PERI in Baldy Hughes, he ran the Station Gym, served as a trainer to Military Personnel, and managed all Station facilities. From 1988 to 1991, Sgt. Boudreau was posted to The Canadian Forces Recruit School at CFB Cornwallis as an Instructor. As a Basic Training Instructor, he was committed to the demanding tasks of assisting and training recruits in completing their Basic Training, elevating himself to the #1 Instructor on the Gym Floor. Leaving the Recruit School in 1991, he crossed the country to CFS Penhold, Alberta, and was promoted to MCpl. In 1992, He was posted to CFB North Bay, serving personnel at the Wing Gymnasium through instructing, and developing personal PT programs. Upon dismissal of the PERI trade in 1997 he accepted another occupational transfer to Electrician completing 6 months at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering in beautiful Chilliwack, BC. He then returned to CFB North Bay Ontario but during this time the school was being relocated to CFB Gagetown, considerably delaying TQ5 courses for years. During this time the Electrician Trade changed names, and became known as Electrical Distribution Technician in Jan of 1998.

    During his posting at CFB North Bay, Sgt. Boudreau completed his 4’s and 5’s packages and was then sent to CFB Petawawa in 2001, and served for a couple of years with 2 CER’s Area Construction Troop. He returned to CFB North Bay and was again promoted to MCpl, assuming the duties of Electrical Shop Supervisor. He returned once more to CFB Gagetown to complete his QL6A Electrical Supervisors course. He was promoted to his current rank of Sgt before accepting his present and final posting to CFB Cold Lake where he is employed as Electrical Shop Supervisor. Completing 27 Years with the CF, Sgt Boudreau is married to Darlene and has a daughter, Ryleigh, (6 years old), who will remain with him in the Cold Lake area.

    While employed in the Canadian Armed Forces Sgt Boudreau served with 1 Construction and Engineering Unit in Eureka, completed 2 SLTA’s for personnel in Alert, served with CC UNDOF in Qunaytirah, Syria, completed various training throughout Canada and the United States and recently completed predeployment training for Afghanistan with the PRT. He has undergone many Personal Development training sessions and courses to be as effective and successful as he had been. Both formally and informally, he was always on call for trouble shooting and assistance, exhibiting both pride and dedication in his career. One of his proudest accomplishments, over his 27-year service was his respect and dedication to his peers, and his trade. He is also proud of and is known for his respect and pride in training and supervising new additions in the ED field.

    His wife, Darlene can attest to the many countless hours he has spent researching, and working at home to constantly improve himself in his career and to help in the effective teaching and supervision of others. Sgt. Boudreau is a dedicated and honourable service member, father, and husband. His career portfolio and his pride in the Canadian Forces are commendable!