Sgt Clint Mainville, CD

    Sgt Clint Mainville, CD, will be retiring from the CAF on 03 July 2015 after more than 19 years of dedicated service to the CAF and the CME Branch (Bio Attached). A retirement ceremony will take place at the 5 CDSB Gagetown Senior NCO Annex bldg. A4 on 17 July 2015 at 1400. Dress will be dress of the day or smart casual. Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to the DWD OPI's, Sgt Dion Collins at or WO Corwin Wells at Please confirm your attendance to Sgt Collins or WO Wells NLT 08 July 15.

    1. On 03 July 2015, SGT Clinton Mainville will retire from the Canadian Armed Forces after 19+ yrs. of loyal and dedicated service to the Engineers.

    2. SGT Mainville enrolled in the CAF on 18 Jan 1995 in Moncton NB. Upon completion of basic training (Saint Jean QC), Driver training (Borden ON) and his QL3 course (Chilliwack BC) he was posted to 2CER in Petawawa in the fall of 95. Sgt Mainville remained in 2CER until his release from the CAF in 2003. After a quick wake up call (as CWO Dorshmit once said “the grass is greener on the other side, but turns brown awful quick!!). He rejoined the Engineers in 2004, posted to 4ESR in Gagetown NB. SGT Mainville also enjoyed postings to 1ESU in Moncton NB and CFSME in Oromocto NB. Highlights throughout SGT Mainville’s career, were remustering from 041 to 042 in 1998, finding out he was yet another MOC 043, after rejoining the military in 2004, the Red river floods in Winnipeg (97), ice storm in Ontario (97), the Toronto Blizzard of 98 and Nijmegen (05). During his career, SGT Mainville had 5 deployments, Bosnia (9596), Kosovo (99-00), Afghanistan (05), Afghanistan (07) and Haiti in 2009.

    3. Upon retirement Clint and his family will remain somewhere around the general Oromocto surrounding area, focusing on landscaping, gardening, fishing and woodworking with his right hand man, son Clinton, while his two daughters finish high school and wife Tammy finishes out her teaching career.

    4. To celebrate his retirement, SGT Mainville will be having a Depart with Dignity at Snr NCO’s annex (A5) CFB Gagetown on Fri 17 July 2015 at 1400. Dress will be smart causal. Bar will be open and finger foods will be served.

    5. Congratulatory emails and anecdotes can be sent to Collins Sgt DJ@4 ESR@Gagetown or WO Corwin Wells at Wells WO CR@CTC HQ@Gagetown.