Sgt Charles Paul, CD

    Sgt Charles (Buckie) Paul joined the Canadian Forces on 25 Aug 1981. After he signed on the doted line, he reported to CF Recruit School Cornwallis in the Annapolis Royal Area on 12 September 1981. After graduating Recruit School, “Buckie” as most of us know him, was posted to CFB London on 27 November 1981. He served in London until 11 January 1982; thereafter he was posted to Chilliwack, BC, attending the CF School of Military Engineering.

    After graduating from the School of Military Engineering, Sapper Paul was posted to 4 ESR (22 Fd Sqn) at CFB Gagetown. on 21 May, 1982. He remained in Gagetown for three years before moving on to the 4 Combat Engineer Regiment in Lahr, Germany, where he remained for four years. Prior to his move to Lahr, Charles was promoted to the rank of Cpl, which coincided with the completion of his Field Engineer QL5.

    On 19 Jul 1989, Charles returned to 4 ESR in Gagetown and remained for several years before going on UN tour to Croatia, from 23 June to 15 October 1992. Upon his return to Canada, Cpl Paul continued to serve with 4 ESR, where he completed the Combat Leaders Course on 2 April, 1993. After completing his CLC, he was appointed a Sect 2IC. A few years later, he deployed on a UN tour to Haiti, from 3 April to 3 October 1996. He returned form Haiti and continued serving with 4 ESR.

    Charles was appointed to the rank of MCpl on 1 November 1996, remaining with 4 ESR, which included a tour to Bosnia in March of 1999. He completed his QL6A, and was promoted to the rank Sgt on 1 June 2000. A month later, he was posted to 3 ASG/ASU Gagetown Range Control.

    He continued to further his career, completing Basic EOD in December 2000, becoming part of the Range Control EOD section. He completed several other courses, including Water Supply Operator and Heavy Engineer Support Vehicle.

    Sgt Paul was assigned to the Training Section of the Operations Branch in 2006, where he became very active within the Departmental Aboriginal Advisory Group. He also became a First Aid / CPR Instructor.

    Charles has had a very long and memorable career as a Combat Engineer. He has achieved many professional and personal accomplishments during his 30 years with the CF. He has now chosen to depart the military and return to civilian life. He hopes to continue with the Departmental Aboriginal Advisory Group in an unofficial capacity. Sgt Charles “Buckie” Paul will continue to have his hands full with his daughters and a newly arrived grand daughter.