Sgt Brent Ward, CD

    • Sgt Brent Ward, CD

    After more than 33 years of loyal and dedicated service to the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the Canadian Military Engineer Branch, Sgt Brent Ward, CD (bio attached) will retire 5 Mar 2017. Sgt Ward has decided to forgo a formal DWD ceremony but will have a less formal luncheon at a later date. Congratulatory messages or anecdotes can be sent to WO Gerry MacDonald.

    In February of 1983, Sgt Ward made the long trip from Blissfield, NB to Cornwallis, NS to enjoy long walks with his PT pack and rifle plus many wind sprints on the sandy beaches of the Bay of Fundy. Upon completion of those fun filled adventures, it was off to CFB Borden to begin his career as a Supply Technician. Sgt Ward (then Pte) was posted to CFB Edmonton in June of ’83. Promoted to Cpl in 1987, he remained there until voluntarily posted to CFS Holberg (Vancouver Island) in 1989 to close out the station. After that one year stint, it was off to CFB Gander, NFLD in 1990. While in Gander, Sgt Ward decided it was time to leave the country and tour the Golan Heights in 1991. Upon his return, he discovered he was posted to 1 Svc Bn, CFB Calgary in 1992. Once on ground, it was off to Norway with 1VP for a month long exercise. Sgt Ward completed his JLC at CFB Wainwright in the fall of 1993. After four years with the Bn, it was off to CFB Gagetown in 1996. It was an adjustment going from field time to being static, so Sgt Ward started looking for places to go. First on the list was Bosnia. Five months training in Petawawa for a six month tour with 3RCR Roto 3. The remuster seed was planted during this tour while doing several CIMIC projects. Once back to work, his VOT memo to Constr Tech was submitted and accepted for Sept 00. Unfortunately, there were a lot of compulsory transfers that year, so Cpl Ward had to wait until Sep 2001 to show up at CFSME. Due to the long wait time until the beginning of course, a UN Tour to Eritrea, Africa popped up on the radar from Dec 00 to Jun 01.

    Sgt Ward was off to CFSME in Sep of 2001 to become an apprentice Const Tech and upon completion was posted to 4ESR in July of 2002. Sgt Ward (then Cpl) went back to CFSME in the spring of 2005 to complete his journeymen’s course. From Oct to Dec 2005, Sgt Ward went to Afghanistan to close out Kabul and relocate the camp in Kandahar. The spring of 2006, saw 4ESR (ACT) deployed to Jamaica to aid the Jamaican Defense Force rebuild/repair infrastructure damaged by a hurricane. Promoted to MCpl and posted to 1ESU Moncton in the summer of 2007, Sgt Ward subsequently released from the forces in Oct due to family related issues.

    Family related issues resolved, Sgt Ward rejoined the forces in Sept 2008 as a Cpl to spend the winter in Cold Lake. Sgt Ward was soon posted to the NCT in Halifax in May of 09. The NCT found its way to Haiti in January, 2010 to give humanitarian aid after the earthquake. Promoted back to MCpl in Dec 2010, Sgt Ward received his posting message to CFSME as a Const Cell instructor in June of 2011. MCpl Ward completed his 6A’s that same fall. Promoted to Sgt in Dec 2012, Sgt Ward stayed with the Construction cell until moving to CEMS Sqn in June 2015 where he remains until 5 Mar 17.

    Brent & Lisa will remain in the area for the time being (until she is posted).