Sgt Brad Nancekivell, CD

    • Sgt Brad Nancekivell, CD

    Sgt B Nancekivell has decided to pack up the hose for the last time after 20 years of dedicated service to Canada and the CF. He will retire from the CF on 15 Oct 08.

    Brad began his military career shortly after high school fulfilling a lifelong goal of being a firefighter. Coming from a small northern BC town military life in Cornwallis was quite a culture shock. This was followed by an unexpected six months in St. Jean for language training. After completing his QL3 course in Borden, with more than a year in the forces, Brad received his first posting to Cold Lake. He enjoyed the challenge of working in a busy firehall and learning all aspects of the job he always wanted. 1994 saw Brad posted to Esquimalt on HMCS Huron. Being on board ship was another new experience that at times left Brad a little green around the gills. However it was a small price to pay for the chance to see parts of the world that he otherwise would never have had the chance to explore. High jinx on the high seas came to an end with a posting to Comox in 1997. Comox is where Brad was promoted to MCpl. Comox also gave Brad the opportunity to spend more time at home where be became a father, twice. Being a born and bred BC boy and endeavouring to stay as far West as possible Brad’s next posting was back to Cold Lake in 2002. This relatively short posting to Cold Lake saw Brad spend a large amount of time away from home. After completing both his PLQ and QL6A in Borden, Brad spent a total of 7 months at CFS Alert. This posting in Cold Lake also exposed Brad to the inspection side of the house. 2005 brought the opportunity for a posting Brad didn’t even know existed, Chilliwack. His time in Chilliwack saw Brad complete the FP&LS course and receive his promotion to Sgt. Being home with his family on a consistent basis brought Brad to the realization that this is where his priority should be.

    Brad, Trish, Samuel and Matthew will be staying in the Chilliwack area for the time being where Brad will be pursuing a new career in the Fire Inspection/Safety field.