Sgt Blaine DeMontmorency, CD

    Sgt DeMontmorency joined the Canadian Forces in June 1982. He reported to CFRS Cornwallis 16 June 1982. After basic training he was posted to CFB Borden to begin his career as a military cook. He was employed for over 12 years as a cook. Sgt DeMontmorency was posted to a number of bases as a cook, CFB Borden (twice), CFB Shilo and finally 4 Wing Cold Lake. He was tasked twice to Alert, Waincon 84 and OP Danaca (UNDOF)  in the Golan Heights, Israel.

    He left the CF in 1998 to pursue a business adventure in the Cold Lake area. After just over 2 years, he returned in 2000 to the Forces as a Reservist, training in Summerside, PEI for his present trade, Water, Fuels and Environmental Technician. After completing his apprentice training in 2001, he rejoined the regular Forces and was posted to 14 Wing Greenwood. He returned to CFSME for his journeyman course (QL5) in 2003 and the supervisor’s course (QL6) in 2006. Over the years he has been posted to 4 ESR and CFSME (CFB Gagetown), BFC Valcartier, 5 RGC Valcartier and returned to 14 Wing. He has completed many more tours such as Golan Heights Israel in 2004, OP Plateau Pakistan in 2005, twice to Afghanistan in 2007 and in 2009 and OP Hestia for a brief time in 2010.

    Sgt DeMontmorency and his wife Sandi plan to retire to Victoria, BC, where Blaine has job opportunities in the WFE field and Sandi is already employed by her brother. They hope that they will be able to spend more time together in his new life, as in the 12 years they have been together, they haven’t spent 12 consecutive months together yet. Sgt DeMontmorency has 3 grown daughters and a grandson in the Cold Lake area and 3 grown stepsons and a granddaughter in PEI.