Sgt Andre Boisvert, CD

    • Sgt Andre Boisvert, CD

    Sgt Andre Boisvert, CD retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after 13 years of loyal and dedicated service.  An informal DwD will be held at Johnny Canucks (1-900 Watters Road, Ottawa, ON K4A 0B4) starting at 1700 on 05 May 2018 to celebrate his years in uniform.  Dress will be civilian attire.  All congratulatory messages, farewell wishes, anecdotes and photos can be sent to Cpl Chris Goemans at<>.

    Sgt Boisvert enrolled in the CAF in 2002 with the Hastings Prince Edward Regiment. In 2003, he transferred to 3 Field Engineer Squadron (now 33 CER) and started his journey as a Sapper. In 2004 he completed QL3 at CFSME and qualified LS and ML. In 2006 he completed QL5 and was promoted to Corporal in 2006. In 2007, after participating in OP NARWHAL in Iqaluit then completing the tractor dump course, he went to 3 RCR for workup training for JTF Afghanistan 03-08. While in Petawawa, he qualified HL, SHL and AHSVS. In Sep 2008 he deployed to Afghanistan with 2CER, 24 field squadron, FOB Wilson. After returning from Afghanistan in May 2009, he was awarded the GCS-SWA and GCS-SWA+1, completed a Water Supply Course at CFSME, and completed PLQ MOD 1-5. In 2010, he qualified MSVS, completed PLQ MOD 6, and was appointed MCpl. In 2011, he spent the summer instructing with the CFSME Search Cadre, became driver instructor and driver examiner, taught on several driver-wheel courses, became the unit ammo rep, completed the First Aid Instructor course, completed a BWW course in Gogama Ontario, and completed the 6A’s course at CFSME. In 2012 he was promoted to Sergeant, qualified LOSV, and served as the PAT/Resource TP Ops WO until his retirement.