Sgt Alfred Keep, CD

    Sgt Keep joined the Canadian Forces in Charlottetown in Sept 1977. He was escorted from the provincial courthouse by the RCMP to the recruiting center, but that is another story! After his trades training, his first posting was 1 CER. While with 1 CER he decided to do his Parachute training and he was quickly posted to 2 CER Petawawa as a member of jump troop.

    Sapper Keep had a memorable drive across Canada from Chilliwack to Petawawa with Kemp Burnside. 2 times speeding events and a snow bank later. While in 2 CER, he was able to complete his Combat Diver's course.

    While in 2 CER from 1980 to 1985, Cpl Keep was able to go on a few exchanges with the US Navy Seals in Coronado and in California as a Combat Diver. During this time frame he was fortunate to get his US Navy Parachutist Wings along with eleven other members of 2 CER, including Tom Keogh and Harry Harteveld.

    Right after RV '85 Cpl Keep was posted to 4 CER. He thinks his first section commander was MWO (Sgt) Gene Sharpe, though memory is a little weak here from good German beer. Cpl Keep was posted to 4 CER for six unforgettable years. While in 4 CER Cpl Keep managed to get his German Para wings. In 1991 Cpl Keep was posted to Range Maintenance in CFB Suffield. During his posting to Suffield, he decided to buy a house in the Medicine Hat area. He was promoted to M/Cpl in 1998 and posted to 1 CER. Promoted Sgt in 2002, Sgt Keep remained with 1 CER until 2004 then was posted to Wainwright as the Accommodations I/C. While in Accommodations he was posted to Range Control where he is presently located.

    His future plans are, retiring in Texas while maintaining his house in Redcliff (Medicine Hat) Alberta and doing as little as possible, still. He will be spending most of his time in Texas with his partner Lourdes Moss. At her nudist resort....damn hard life...