Service Transformation

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Service Transformation Header
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08 Jun 2015

Why service transformation?

As the biggest federal department, DND and the CAF manage the government's largest portfolio of real property. ADM(IE) manages $26 billion in real property assets, ranging from buildings and armouries to roads and works. As ADM(IE) transforms and adopts its new role as the sole manager of the department’s real property portfolio, ADM(IE) is finding itself increasingly in the service delivery business.

Post-transformation, it will be important for ADM(IE) to communicate with clients about which services ADM(IE) offers and how to access them. Clients expect to receive effective services in a convenient, accessible and timely manner. In order to meet clients’ expectations, ADM(IE) will regularly consider client needs and feedback, and follow sound service management practices. Client service is definitely here to stay.

The terms “service,” “service delivery” and “service management” are starting to be seen more and more often in documents at the L1 level.

Where are we now?

The service journey has begun. ADM(IE) has created a service delivery team. As a first step, the team is building a catalogue of IE services. Building a service inventory is a multi-step process. Considerable emphasis will be placed on stakeholder input and feedback.

Longer-term projects include establishing service standards, and an updated service delivery model that ensures our move from a piecemeal approach to an integrated, consolidated and predictable delivery method.

What’s next?

The long-term goal for this project is to proudly deliver top-quality services, designed to support departmental priorities and the Canadian Armed Forces’ missions. Services will be timely, accurate, reliable and easy to access. Keep in mind that ADM(IE) is just beginning its service journey, and with most of the work still to come, it will be a long road. Join the service conversation. Together we can make the service journey successful. For more information, contact your service team member:

  • Susan Drover, IE Governance, Policy and Strategy
  • Jonathon Preston, Portfolio Requirements
  • Dave Whitley, IE Engineering Services
  • Major Mike Hocquard, CF Real Property Operations Group