MWO // Adjum Serge Gélinas, CD

    MWO Serge Gélinas, CD will be retiring on 29 Jan 2014 after 35 years of loyal and dedicated service to the CAF and CME Branch. 

    Since his enrolment on 18 Jun 1976, MWO Gélinas has made many outstanding contributions in the service of Canada at home and abroad on missions in Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan.

    Throughout his lengthy career, he has moved across the country to Valcartier, Kingston, Ottawa and a 4 years posting in Germany.  With every posting, he made a positive contribution to his unit and the community in which he and his family resided.  A few of his almost two dozen national qualifications include: Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Basic Helicopter Operations, Rappel Master, Winter Warfare - Basic, and Engineer Power Boat Operator. 

    His knowledge and expertise will be certainly be missed.

    We will say farewell to MWO Gélinas on Mon 9 Dec 2013 in Ottawa, amongst fellow Engineers, friends and family. 

    According to his wishes, an informal retirement luncheon will be held at Liam McGuire's, 1705 St. Laurent Blvd, from 1130 hrs to 1430 hrs.

    Please send any letters of congratulations and retirement wishes to Capt Ian Creighton NLT Thurs 5 Dec 13.