Update - Seeking Sapper Veterans of the WW II Dieppe Raid

Combined Operations Badge on Canadian Volunteer Service Medal
Publication Date: 
15 Jun 2017

UPDATE 15 June 2017

Locating a Dieppe Raid Sapper who can represent the RCE at the Dieppe Raid 75th Anniversary ceremonies in France in August is proving to be a challenge. The Colonel Commandant wishes to consider other WW II sapper veterans as a back-up. Anyone able to nominate such a veteran for the Dieppe Raid 75th Anniversary ceremonies is asked to complete the nomination form as described below.

CME Family has recently been formally advised by Veterans Affairs Canada that the Government of Canada is now planning an overseas event to mark the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid. An official Government of Canada delegation will be travelling from 16 to 21 August 2017 to attend remembrance ceremonies and events at a number of sites in northern France. We have been invited to nominate a Second World War Veteran who served at Dieppe to join the Government of Canada delegation to represent the Royal Canadian Engineers.

The Canadian Military Engineers are now seeking nominations of a Second World War Veteran to represent the Royal Canadian Engineers at this event. The Colonel Commandant will select the RCE representative from among the nominations. We have also published a list of known RCE personnel who participated in the raid at https://cmea-agmc.ca/nominal-roll-known-rce-personnel-operation-jubilee-...

The criteria to consider when nominating a Veteran include the comfort of the Veteran in sharing his military experiences and his ability to make informal presentations about his experiences to members of the delegation and the public. Veterans can self-nominate.

The Veteran must, of course, be physically capable of making the trip. If he has a medical condition that requires help with daily living requirements, the selected nominee can choose a caregiver who can assist. Additional details regarding the role of the caregiver will be provided to the nominated Veteran.

Although a medical officer will accompany the delegation, the busy schedule of events requires that all members of the delegation be in good health. Our nominee will be asked to have his family physician certify that he is in good health and able to withstand the fatigue of the extended travel.

If you know of a WWII Dieppe Raid Sapper veteran who should be considered to represent the Royal Canadian Engineers in this Government of Canada delegation, please notify  Ken.Holmes@Sympatico.ca  as soon as possible - but by 12 June 2016 at the latest. Nomination Forms will then be sent as names are received.

To submit a nomination, please download the application form below.  Once downloaded, open and complete the form.  Email it as an attachment to Ken.Holmes@Sympatico.ca.