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Prince Harry closes Invictus games, Toronto, 30 Sep 17
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04 Oct 2017 the closing of the 2017 Invictus Games on 1 October, the Canadian Military Engineer participants deserve our congratulations for their participation and performances. Their individual results can be seen at the attached.

With the closing of these Games, it is difficult to summarize that spectacular event in words better than were delivered by Prince Harry

“ ….I want to end by speaking directly to our competitors. Right now you’re on a high - at the summit of a mountain many of you thought was too high to climb. You have done it. 

This is the moment, right here, right now, shoulder to shoulder,

You are Invictus. These Games are not about gold, silver or bronze medals. They never have been. They’re about the journey that you and your families have made to the start line. Now, going home, it might be tough, as the excitement fades, but you have faced much greater challenges before, it will be a breeze. As I have said many times, once you have served, you are always serving.

On your return home, I want you to set a new Invictus goal. Make a plan about how you are going to use the experience of this week, to help lift up all those around you. It might be something big, like starting a new project for young people. Or, it might be something small, like reconnecting with an old friend.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your step is - just take it. Our world needs your dedication and passion like never before. And you never know, this may just be the missing piece of the puzzle to help you regain that satisfaction of serving others once again. And, I’d also ask for one more important favour.

I bet you can all think of at least one person who would benefit from the Invictus Games, but has yet to find the motivation to make that first step. When we gather in Sydney next year, I look forward to seeing familiar faces in competition. 

But, more than anything, I hope to meet those who have watched these games at home, who may still be struggling, but with your support will wear their nation’s flag on their chest once again as part of the 2018 Games.

And I want to see those who have competed this year, back by their sides cheering them on, as others have done for you. The Invictus Games are not just for the already determined.

These Games are for those who need it most. Please help us find them.

It's gonna be Game On, Down Under.

I’ll see you in Australia."

Prince Harry

Invictus 2017: Summary of Sapper Achievement

These are our 13 CME family members who represented Canada at the 2017 Invictus Games. 

CME Team Member & Results

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