Recent Publications

This is a list of recent publications covering a range of Engineer topics.

  • Tracks to the Trenches:  Canadian Railway Troops in the Great War (1914 - 1919)
    Canadian Railway Troops in the Great War (1914 - 1919)
    Author: David Guay

    This is the untold story about the Canadian Railway Troops who built, maintained and operated the standard gauge and light railways, the supply routes to the front lines during The Great War — World War I.

    David Guay discusses...

  • Cover of "Yet Another River to Cross"
    The Royal Canadian Engineers in the Italian Campaign 1943-1945
    Author: Malcolm Hamilton

    Malcolm Hamilton, the son of an RCE major who served in throughout the Italian Campaign, wrote this book with the help of other distinguished Sappers as a way to bring the oft forgotten feats of bravery by RCE officers and men to the...

  • Cover
    Cartography in the Twentieth Century
    Author: Edited by Mark Monmonier

    Much of this volume, published in two parts, covers the extensive mapping projects completed by the Canadian military over the past century. The book was compiled at the University of Chicago with input from Earl Schaubel and David...

  • Cover - Advance to Contact
    Canadian Footsteps Into Kandahar, Afghanistan
    Author: Greg Gorecki, CD

    Advance to Contact is a photographic illustration of the Canadian mission in Kandahar, Afghanistan. All the photographs were taken by the author from the front lines where he served as a Combat Engineer with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment...

  • 50 Years of Combat Diving in the Canadian Army
    A Celebration of Combat Divers
    Author: LCol DJJ Foreman, OMM, CD (Ret'd)

    This is a book worthy of Combat Divers - it is mostly pictures. Doug Foreman has chronicled the history of combat diving from its inception in the early 60s through more recent times with a minimum of text. He describes how in the...

  • One Day in August: The Untold Story Behind Canada’s Tragedy at Dieppe
    The Untold Story Behind Canada’s Tragedy at Dieppe
    Author: David O’Keefe

    In a narrative as powerful and moving as it is authoritative, David O’Keefe rewrites history, connecting Canada’s tragedy at Dieppe with an extraordinary and colourful cast of characters—from the young Commander Ian Fleming, later to...

  • Cover: Afghanistan A Canadian Story 2001-2014
    Author: Colonel (Ret'd) Andrew Nellestyn and Lt (N) (Ret'd) Melanie Graham

    Texte français suite

    Afghanistan A Canadian Story 2001-2014 is a Canadian Afghan mission legacy album to be published in coffee table book format. It offers readers a chronological compilation of the personal...

  • Cover: River Assault: Operation Duck
    Operation Duck: The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division’s Attack on Leer 28th April 1945
    Author: John Sliz

    The assault crossing at Leer, Germany on 28th April 1945 by the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division was the last major action by the division in the war and it was one of its most costly operations. Crossing in open topped Storm boats, the...

  • A Deadly Drive: The Miramichi Experience During the Great War
    Author: Gary Silliker

    A Deadly Drive explores the wartime experiences of the communities in the Miramichi region (Neguac-Richibucto-Boiestown) during the Great War. The experiences of sailors, soldiers and nurses serving overseas, as well as the men and...

  • Boats at Arnhem and Other Stories
    Author: John Silz

    This is a collection of ten articles and essays on the engineers and signals of World War II. The subjects range from the engineer’s view of the Battle of Arnhem to the viewpoint of the Royal Canadian Signals during the surrender of the...