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History of the Canadian Military Engineers

The Canadian Military Engineers’ Association and the Military Engineering Institute of Canada have produced the History of the Corp of Royal Canadian Engineers and Canadian Military Engineers in three volumes. The writing of the fourth volume is currently underway. The books can be ordered individually or as a set from this site.

A shorter background of the history of Military Engineering and of Canadian Military Engineering is found in Chapter 1 of “Customs and Traditions of the Canadian Military Engineers, also available on this site.

Other History Sources

There are several excellent online sources of Canadian Military History information to get a person started on research: The Canadian Military History Gateway provides access to a major collection of historic material. Recent Publications

The three-volume series, "Canadian Military Heritage", at the Directorate of History and Heritage is a good dealing of the broad subject. The interactive publication can take a couple of hours to peruse but is worth the time invested.

War Diaries are a primary source of historical material. WW I War Diaries may be found online here. The WW II War can be searched following this link.

Published Works

There are a number of published works dealing with Canadian Military Engineering topics. Many of these publications were of limited production and are now available only in person at the indicated Institutions. Some can be borrowed, however, through an InterLibrary Loan arranged by your local Public Library. We have searched the National Library and the national AMICUS database, Canadian War Museum, DND’s Directorate of History and Heritage, the CME Museum, and the CFB Chilliwack Historical Society, and list some 100 publications on this site.

These books are grouped, below, by broad categories. CLICK on the applicable category to reveal the listed books.

- Broad RCE & CME Topics

- Combat Engineering

- Construction Engineering

- Mapping and Survey

- Firefighting

- Railway Troops

- Tunnellers

- Engineering Equipment

- Forestry Troops

- Miscellaneous Topics

Searches for additional books can be performed at

If you need help in researching specific areas of Canadian Military Engineering history, please refer to The Canadian Military Engineering Museum and use the Research Staff link at the bottom of that page. Corrections, recommendations for additions, and locations of publications may be made through