QRA Door Maintenance Exercise at 19 Wing

From left to right: Pte Page, RPOU Quebec, Det Montreal Pte Bradette, RPOU Quebec, Det Montreal Cpl Mason, 191 CEF, 19 Wing Comox Kevin Hunt, RPOU Pacific, Det Comox Cpl Balcom, RPOU West, Det Winnipeg Sgt Beaulieu, RPOU Quebec, Det Montreal
Avr Cummings, 17 MSS, Winnipeg Avr Shuffler, 17 MSS, Winnipeg Cpl Mason, 191 CEF, 19 Wing Comox Avr Cloet, 17 MSS, Winnipeg Kevin Hunt, RPOU Pacific, Det Comox Sgt Swanson, RPOU Pacific, Det Esquimalt
Cpl Macdonald, RPOU Ontario, Det Kingston Pte Carriere, WATS, WLE, 22 Wing North Bay Cpl Mason, 191 CEF, 19 Wing Comox Pte Wright, RPOU Ontario, Det Kingston MCpl Petz, 17 MSS, Winnipeg
MCpl Majaralie, RPOU West, Det Shilo Cpl Byrne, RPOU Atlantic, Det Gagetown Pte Macdonald, RPOU Atalantic, Det Halifax Kevin Hunt, RPOU Pacific, Det Comox Cpl Letemplier, RPOU Atlantic, Det Halifax
Publication Date: 
14 Dec 2017

By Capt JP Cote, Requirements Officer, Det Comox RP Ops (Pacific)

Real Property Unit (Pacific) were grateful to host at 19 Wing Refrigerant and Mechanic (RM) technicians On Job Training (OJT) on overhead hangar doors from 1 October to 4 November 2017. The hangar doors on the four Quick Reaction (QRA) hangars were in urgent need of maintenance before winter conditions arrive. These are the hangars where the CAF stages their fighters for quick reaction missions in support of NORAD. The state of the doors’ mechanical systems had deteriorated to the point that they were unreliable in an emergency situation, forcing that the doors were kept open when the hangar was in use. This type of maintenance for our RM Techs was an excellent training opportunity. In fact, the doors are identical to the Inuvik doors, so there was an additional operational effectiveness nexus to this skillset. Four different sets of four members from all across the Country rotated every week to maximise the numbers of Techs trained on overhead doors. With the supervision of RP Ops Det (Comox) RM shop, 19 CES RM Techs took the lead to ensure continuity between each set. All height doors are now fully operational both automatically and manually.