50 Years of Combat Diving in the Canadian Army

50 Years of Combat Diving in the Canadian Army
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A Celebration of Combat Divers
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LCol DJJ Foreman, OMM, CD (Ret'd)

This is a book worthy of Combat Divers - it is mostly pictures. Doug Foreman has chronicled the history of combat diving from its inception in the early 60s through more recent times with a minimum of text. He describes how in the beginning, Army divers were charged with basic sapper tasks of mobility support to mechanised troops - underwater reconnaissance of crossing sites, mine clearance, obstacle clearance and basic construction. As time passed, and Cold War tactics faded into history, diving tasks changed and new skills and procedures were developed to meet changing needs of operations.

The book begins with a quick review of the origins of diving in the Canadian Army - initially an All Arms task, to the formation of specialised diving sections in the Field Squadrons. Course photos have been collected and labelled for every diving course ever held. If you or a friend is or has been a Combat Diver, your name and picture are in this book. Pictures and stories have been collected from every Combat Engineer Regiment and their Field Squadron predecessors. Attention is paid to Roguish Buoy Exercises and some key diving operations. This is a book every Combat Diver should have on their coffee table or bookshelf. A preview edition can be viewed at this link.

Copies are available from the author. Pre-orders can be picked up at the 50th Anniversary in Gagetown, NB.

Order your copy by sending an email to DJJ Foreman.