Our Orphans are Home

Operation HOMECOMING // Opération HOMECOMING
Lifting the 23,000 lb Bell Tent // Lever la tente conique de 23 000 livres
Loading the 50-year Memorial ($700 / hr) // Charger le monument commémoratif de 50 ans (700 $ par heure)
Bell Tent – significant of first camp // Tente conique – Symbole du premier camp
50 year Memorial – 1942 - 1992 // Monument commémoratif de 50 ans 1942-1992
View of Cenotaph facing Promontory Hill // Vue du cénotaphe face à la colline Promontory
Publication Date 
08 Apr 2015


By the CFB Chilliwack Historical Society

Summer of 2009 was a wonderful time – Sappers “Everywhere” rejoiced when Canada lands Company Ltd agreed to renovate The Cenotaph grounds here in Chilliwack. Final cost – almost $2 million. Two of the CFB Chilliwack historical monuments were removed to 54 ES compound for safe keeping at that time.

Several new homes for these babies were considered, even promised, but circumstances did not permit.

City of Chilliwack now owns the land, (All Sappers Memorial Park) and when proposed, they welcomed the two monuments with open arms. Their Operations Department gave us the green light and provided their personnel and operational assistance.

CME Branch Advisor gave CFB Chilliwack Historical Society (CFBCHS) permission to request “Sapper” support from 192 CEF (Aldergrove), 19 Wing graciously provided equipment, manpower, knowledge and assistance. Without them, this project would never have succeeded. MWO Robert Petty was their ‘hands on’ supervisor coordinator, always with a tool of some sort in his hand while ably directing and teaching his charges – excellent leadership style - BZ

We knew the move would be at least $5K so Chilliwack Foundation was approached and they presented CFBCHS a cheque for that full amount.

When we approached Eagle West (Abbotsford), their estimate was $8,250.00 – Ooops! But, they realized the purpose and importance of this initiative and donated the excess – many, many thanks. Their 280 ton capacity crane easily handled the 33,000 lb 50 year monument and the 23,000 lb Bell Tent. All that equipment was $700 per hour. Thank heavens things went smoothly, and for that we appreciate the hard work of CWO (Ret’d) Mike Boughner – very well done.